Brockhaus Umwelt

Exhaust Air Treatment

In refineries and chemical plants, depending on the stored media, harmful waste airflows often occur in storage tanks. These have to be cleaned in accordance with statutory requirements (Technical Guidelines on Air Quality Control, TA Luft).  Purification systems by BROCKHAUS ENVIRONMENT are customised to your specific requirements. Using suitable measuring and safety equipment, our plants meet all the relevant safety standards and are noted for their high level of availability. All plants are designed for use in hazardous areas and their components have the required ATEX certification.

Activated carbon filtration

Project-related dimensioning of the filter sizes and the use of high-quality activated carbons allow maximum load capacity and a consequently long filter life. From the dimensioning of the activated carbon filter to service life calculations, performing gas analyses and exchanging activated carbon on site, BROCKHAUS UMWELT offers a complete service.

Catalytic oxidation systems (COS)

The oxidation temperature of hydrocarbons is considerably reduced by using suitable catalysts. Most combustion reactions start at 250°C to 300°C.

• Our COS plants are characterised by the following features:
• Autothermal operation from pollutant concentrations of  3 – 5 g/Nm³ and more
• Low plant costs due to smaller heat transfer area
• Components subject to low thermal stresses
• Depending on the volume flow, we either use separate devices or a compact design with integrated heat exchangers, heating and a catalytic converter

Our expertise

BROCKHAUS ENVIRONMENT helps you define the procedures, create the required profitability and operating cost calculations, produce the associated documentation with P & ID diagrams and draw up installation and foundation plans in CAD together with the creation of operating instructions, explosion protection documents, risk analyses and BOMs.
BROCKHAUS ENVIRONMENT has an integrated management system for Quality Assurance (ISO 9001: 2008), Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection (SCCP) and is a specialist company in terms of the German Water Act as well as a waste management company (Efb). Using these interlocking skills, we are able to deliver the best possible quality of products and services, ensure maximum safety for both employees and equipment and operate in an environmentally compatible manner.