Brockhaus Umwelt

TAR / Shutdowns

As experienced specialists, we meet the challenges of managing shut-downs and offer our customers mobile equipment for waste water treatment and exhaust air purification. We have all relevant certifications for these services, such as the SCCP certificate or a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. We are also a specialist company as defined by the German Water Act and a waste disposal Operation.


Our top priorities are your satisfaction, occupational safety and the protection and preservation of the environment.

We offer you these services:

  • Mobile, scalable systems for exhaust air Treatment and waste water purification
  • maximum safety standards, e.g. BAM-approved filter vessels, hoses tested to TRBS 1201, ADR / transport of dangerous goods
  • metrological Monitoring
  • Highly qualified  personnel (trained in the correct use of flanges, maintenance of deflagration flame arresters, suitability of respirators etc.)
  • BROCKHAUS Full Service 24/7

We take you safely, flexibly and cost-effectively through the next turnaround!


Activated carbon / SWS – Filter
Activated carbon / SWS – Filter
Mobile Lagertanks
mobile storage tanks