About us

BROCKHAUS is a family-owned group with over 180 employees operating in three complementary business fields.

BROCKHAUS is a family-owned company operating in three complementary business fields with 180 employees and sales of 75 million EUR.

In our cold rolling mill at BROCKHAUS STEEL, we manufacture specialty steel strip for demanding applications. Our customers process our cold-rolled strip or modified split strip into parts that are mainly used in the automotive industry.

With BROCKHAUS ENVIRONMENT we offer our customers in the oil & gas and chemical industry full-service solutions for their processes and turnarounds (TAR). Our activated carbon filters eliminate e.g. hydrocarbons from off-gas or wastewater. By recycling metal scrap, we make an important contribution to the sustainability of the metal industry’s value chain.

Our business unit BROCKHAUS MEASUREMENT is the world-renowned specialist for measuring and testing technology in the field of magnetic materials. Our equipment is used in R&D, incoming goods inspection and quality assurance.

We create decisive added value for our customers by capitalizing on our expertise that we built up over many years in our specialist and niche markets. Our strategy is based on our strengths as a family business, i.e. having a long-term and sustainable growth perspective while focusing on our customers’ development (see also our mission statement).


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