RWTH Aachen 2018

Again in 2018, the annual report of the prestigious RWTH University of Aachen posts various research projects that involve measurements performed with BROCKHAUS devices, e.g:
– „Control Strategies for Rotational Single Sheet Testers“ (BMWi Funding Number: KF3464501DF4)         (p.46)
– „Rotating Magnetizations in the Iron Loss Calculation of Non-Oriented Electrical Steel“ (p.47)
– „Modelling of magnetic Vector-Hysteresis in the Finite Element Method“   (p.48)
– „DFG-Research Group- Low-loss FeSi Sheet for Energy-efficient Electrical Drivers“  (p.49)
– „FVA 826 I Processing of Electrical Steel Sheet by Chemical Etching Using Thin Foils to Increase the Efficiency of Electrical Machines (IGF/AIF 19958 BG/ 2)“                 (p.52)
– „Dynamic Magnetizing and Loss Model in Grain Oriented Electrical Steel“   (p.53)
– „Improving Electric Machine Performance Through Advanced Electrical Steel Characterization and Modeling“          (p.54)
– Study of Production and Assembly Influences on the Electromagnetic Properties of Soft Magnetic Materials“         (p.55)
– „Simulation Study on the Potential for Improvement of the Efficiency of Electrical Machines by Means of Targeted Material Selection“      (p.57)
– „Modeling of Magnetization of Ferromagnetic Material for Simulation of Electrical Machines considering Anisotropy and Hysteresis“       (p.58)
– Study on the Transfer of a Continuous Cutting Edge Model with Respect to Mechanical Stress“            (p.59)
– „Solid State Transformer“        (p.79)
We thank Prof. Hameyer and the institute for another year of successful cooperation and academic inside.