Brockhaus Umwelt

Mobile storage tanks

We offer a fast and flexible provision of mobile storage tanks for the temporary storage of organic, inorganic, alkaline and acidic liquids.
The modular set-up allows us to respond to your needs dynamically and store any volume you may require.
The storage tanks, with volumes of up to 70 m³, are used in refineries, industrial plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants and power plants as well as by drilling contractors.


Typical uses cases are:

  • Shut-downs/turnarounds (TAR)
  • TÜV audits
  • Maintenance projects
  • Cleaning projects
  • Emergencies (accidents, spills, etc.)


Our customers appreciate these considerable benefits:

  • Temporary storage with no minimum rental period
  • Fast access
  • Short installation times
  • Phase separation (sludge/liquid; liquid/liquid)
  • Maximum safety
  • Easy cleaning without entry
  • Static drainage
  • Modular attachments


The following components are available as optional accessories:

  • Accurately fitting sumps
  • Butterfly valves
  • Level indicators
  • Trestles for pipelines
  • Hose bridges
  • Hose lines
  • Adapters and connectors
  • Hose and pipe distributors and connection systems


We would also be pleased to provide you with mobile activated carbon filters to reduce or prevent emissions of pollution and odour.

All from one source!